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We’re looking for investment, so if you’d be interested in owning a piece of the company (via equity) enter you details below, along with an amount you might be interested in pledging and you’ll be added to a super special mailing list. Our CrowdCube pitch is now live so support us by clicking the link below. We stand a good chance of raising, just check out all of these successful pitches, I think we can all agree we’re a little more dapper.
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£ 50000

Growth Plan

0 years

The Team

Nick lewis

Nick Brings extensive industry experience to The Bottled Bartender. Having been involved in event management, hospitality And bar consultation for much of his early 20’s, Nick has developed a keen sense for the difficulties faced within the industry.

Lee Mariott

Lee Marriott will bring many years of finance expertise to the Bottled Bartender, much of it in the Beverages Industry. Spending over thirteen years with PepsiCo, he held a range of finance roles, mainly as Financial Controller, Planning Director and Finance Director

Chris Murnaghan

Chris has a BA and an MA in English, as well as writing awards, to his name. In the capacity of scripting and copy writing, Christopher has worked for a number of major clients, including the BBC, The Red Cross, Belvita, and World Wildlife Foundation, to name a few.

Jack Dennis

With over ten years' worth of experience in filmmaking and video production, including a BA(Hons) in Contemporary Lens Media, he brings a wealth of knowledge in digital content creation to the table. In 2012, he co-founded the film production and video marketing agency Aglow Films, which has since built a reputable and loyal client base of global brands, academic institutions and start-up organisations.

Business Speak.

The Bottled Bartender is the UK’s first premium ready-to-drink Cocktail Range to offer handmade, single serve cocktails for the private, Events and trade markets.

The business specialises in the manufacturing marketing and distribution of authentic cocktails via multiple sales channels, Including our own E-Commerce platform.


  • Complete ingredient transparency
    • Our customers can see and recognise the brands in our drinks
  • Identical to the original recipes
    • When compared to the original recipe, the only thing we’ve changed is…nothing. 
  • Single serve and incredibly convenient
    • Requiring no inventory, equipment, glassware or specialist staff, our drinks are perfect for remote events, trade and the home market
  • No additives, preservatives, pasteurisation or artificial ingredients

 £ ’000 (year ending)












Operating Profit






Operating Margin






  • Turnover above is Net Revenue, after discounts and allowances
  • Key P&L sensitivities are likely to be Advertising and Marketing costs as well as Sales Channel mix
  • We believe our Overhead/G&A costs are likely to be relatively low, stable after year 3 and predictable over the forecast period
  • Our Production costs are likewise fairly predictable and we believe a Gross Margin of approximately 45% on Net Revenue is achievable, depending on mix.
  • An Article in the Telegraph (dated 11th May 2018) states that pre-mixed cocktails have gone up 31.6% this year as cocktail culture expands from bar to home(ref)
  •  CGA commercial Director Graeme Loudon states “There needs to be a move towards more sophisticated RTD cocktails with natural ingredients and more premium packaging to bring the category up to date”(6)
  •  “The ready–to–drink cocktail capitalizes on two key trends: premiumization and convenience.” – Michael Ward, SVP of innovation at Diageo (7)
  • An article on sevenfifty has the following to say about the ready to drink cocktail market(6)
    •  “But times are changing, A new wave of RTD cocktail products is emerging and that’s revolutionizing this category—and helping it shed its reputation for low-quality concoctions. And the concept of RTD cocktails is so on trend today that their makers almost have to try hard not to succeed with consumers.”
  • Euromonitor states that ‘bright spots remain, including the expansion of craft-orientated products in both beer and spirits, which will form part of a broader premiumisation trend. This upmarket shift in demand is set to drive constant value growth across every category, except RTDs/high-strength premixes, which does not have a pronounced premium segment’
  • The Drinks Business published a report from Profitero in 2017 stating that around 21% of UK consumers had brought alcohol online, which compares to an average global of 8%.
  • They go on to state that ‘alcoholic beverages are one of the least shopped categories in e-commerce, but one with tremendous potential’(5)
    •  “With batched cocktails now found in some of the world’s leading bars, the stigma against this style of serve has largely disappeared,” says Pritesh Mody, the founder of World of Zing

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