The French Martini


Vanilla Vodka, Russian Vodka, Chambord Liqueur, Fresh Pineapple Juice

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We’ve taken the classic Martini and put a béret on it, a fruity little ras-béret, that is (or raspberry as we uncultured English call it!). Yes, when Chambord liqueur has a tête-à-tête with Absolut Vodka the results are delicious enough to get anyone’s accordion piping! Throw in a dashing dash of always-and-100% Fresh pineapple juice, and all that’s left to say is “Voila!” This delightful French Martini is as close as you’re getting to the Champs Elysées today my friend, and that’s fine, thank you, because the Eiffel Tower isn’t nearly as Eiffelly as they say anyhow, and I’ve got premium cocktails quite literally being delivered to my door, so . . .

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