The Strawberry Daiquiri


Bacardi Carta Blanca infused for 2 days with fresh strawberries. Blended with fresh lime and gomme

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When summer’s cheeky fingers skip through the blinds and tickle your neck, coaxing you out to play, and all the land is merry under the sun’s big golden boater, you know what needs to be done. Why, even the gentle breeze seems to whisper: “Daiquiri . . .”

Ah, the Strawberry Daiquiri, playful and yet surprising, like a merry-go-round with a secret ejector seat. Strawberries and limes frolic gaily, while Havana 3yr and Gomme do the heavy lifting. All around, happy eyes a-sparkling. The suggestion of a cheeky smile. Shall we go punting? No. Let’s just stay here and have another Daiquiri. Applause. Naturally.

Time for another sip. The fruity sweet elixir flows through you like some strawberry blessing. Flavours so perfectly balanced. Your finger clicks. Refreshment has been mastered. The universe is winking at you. Summer is glad that you’re finally here.


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