The Mojito

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Havana 3yr infused with Mint, Fresh Lime, Gomme, Angostura Bitters.

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The sun is pounding down on your sweat-soaked brow. The office air conditioning has been broken for a week. It’s Friday and for once you don?t have to stay late at work.

You arrive home and need to wash away the working week. That first sip of our expertly mixed Mojito wraps your tongue in a minty embrace as the Havana 3 year rum caresses your soul, while a tingling feeling of fresh lime juice creeps to the tip of every nerve ending in your body. Your life force is flowing, rising. You’re dancing under a waterfall in your very own shampoo ad.

Why not have a drop more? Out in the sun. Shades go on, as does that hat which makes you look so much cooler than anyone has a right to look. Who says you can’t moonwalk down the street? It’s the weekend. And it’s time to shine!


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24 reviews for The Mojito

  1. Bethany Milford (verified owner)

    My favourite cocktail! Was delicious thank you!

  2. Avril Forbes

    Really refreshing! Perfect balance of zest and mint, with a hint of bitterness.

  3. Dan Clark (verified owner)

    Order #3998
    Another great round of cocktails from the boys at Bottled Bartender.

  4. Order 4966 Patricia Trethewy (verified owner)

    Great service and delivery . I have ordered some as Christmas presents and I am sure they are going to be appreciated.

  5. Samantha Eggleton (verified owner)


    What a delicious cocktail. 1st time ordering and I wasn’t disappointed, we felt like we were having a really classy cocktail in the comfort of our own home with all natural ingredients. Can’t wait to try more. Highly reccommend.

  6. Julia Stokes (verified owner)

    My husband enjoyed this one, a little hard to get his head around it not needing to be served over crushed ice, but enjoyed as a new year treat!

  7. Graeme (verified owner)

    Excellent refreshing cocktail.

  8. Lynn Adamson. Order 6750 (verified owner)

    We have tried many ready mixed cocktails this Mojito from The bottle Bartenders stands way out in front the flavour of Rum and mint where excellent will definitely order again

  9. Sarah

    Received 6 cocktails for my birthday. They were all amazing, this was my favourite, best mojito I’ve had!

  10. Lauren (verified owner)

    Bought this for a friends birthday and she said it was the best mojito she’d ever had!

  11. Christian Rue (verified owner)

    Order: 6761 A taste of life before Covid! Amazing

  12. Lynn Adamson (verified owner)

    Best mojito ever taste is magnificent will buy again
    Order 7352

  13. Ross MacNish (verified owner)

    Order 7254 – got these as a treat for my wife’s birthday. She said she felt like she was in the Savoy!!!

  14. Amanda Edwards (verified owner)

    Fabulous cocktails and fast service & delivery. Really good website (order 7488)

  15. Amanda Edwards (verified owner)

    (7488) first time I’ve used this company. Easy website to navigate & order, excellent price and delivered within 2 days. Fantastic. Delicious cocktails. Definitely order again

  16. Amanda Edwards (verified owner)

    (7488) loved the mojito & negroni. Going to order more for a lockdown gift 10/10

  17. AV (verified owner)

    Order 7564 – Nice taste on a winters day!

  18. Sue (verified owner)

    My favourite. Very refreshing & tasty!

  19. Katie L (verified owner)

    First time we have tried bottled bartender and it did not disappoint! Amazing cocktails – perfect for a birthday, celebration or just a fun night in. Will definitely be ordering more from here.

  20. Benjamin Litchfield (verified owner)

    Order #7146 I orderedcocktails as a surprise for my friends. They were both great (very strong and tasty) and my they allowed us to drink together in spite of the Lockdown. Would recommend!

  21. EP (verified owner)

    (Order 8289) lovely tasty surprise, looking forward to ordering more!

  22. EP (verified owner)

    (Order 8289): very tasty surprise. Will definitely be ordering more!

  23. Joanne order ref 8361 (verified owner)

    Great service and great tasting cocktails!

  24. Katherine #7762 (verified owner)

    Absolutely yummy, favourite one!

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