The Mojito


Havana 3yr infused with Mint, Fresh Lime, Gomme, Angostura Bitters

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The sun is pounding down on your sweat-soaked brow. The office air conditioning has been broken for a week. It’s Friday and for once you don’t have to stay late at work.

You arrive home and need to wash away the working week. That first sip of our expertly mixed Mojito wraps your tongue in a minty embrace as the Havana 3 year rum caresses your soul, while a tingling feeling of fresh lime juice creeps to the tip of every nerve ending in your body. Your life force is flowing, rising. You’re dancing under a waterfall in your very own shampoo ad.

Why not have a drop more? Out in the sun. Shades go on, as does that hat which makes you look so much cooler than anyone has a right to look. Who says you can’t moonwalk down the street? It’s the weekend. And it’s time to shine!



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