The Margarita


Olmeca Tequila, Cointreau, Fresh Lime Juice, Hint of Agave Syrup

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As you take that first sip, zesty, warming and still refreshing, a Mexican sun begins to rise in your heart and warm your passions. Que quieres? A rush of lime. The Triple Sec whirls so delicately with Olmeca Tequila, an intricate Corrida, a flash of red, a dance upon the tongue. And it’s got a kick. The sudden sharp strings of the mariachi in the plaza.

Margarita is a dangerous lady. An angel-devil smile and hair like black fire. She is the sound of the ocean at sun set, a breaking wave. All-time written in the sand. It’s time to don the sombrero of your soul, and go, as you must, where she will take you…


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