The Negroni

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Bombay Sapphire Gin, Campari, Martini Rosso in equal proportions. Hint of orange bitters



Bitter yet sweet, like the perfect love story, dry yet refreshing, like the mean joke you shouldn’t laugh at but do anyway, the Negroni is a beautiful mystery, a powerful fusion of opposites, an intricate slow dance between an angel and a devil.

When Campari asks Martini Rosso to dance and then Bombay Sapphire cuts in, you know eyebrows will be raised. This is a night for strange bedfellows, star-crossed flavours that, by some magic stroke, come together perfectly.

And as you take your first sweet sip of Negroni, you realise; somehow, inexplicably, you just know. What “it” is all about. It’s speaking without words. The playful smile you swap with a perfect stranger. You`re heart beating that little bit faster. Nervous yet brave, hunter and hunted – that electric feeling. The Negroni is a clandestine kiss. A hand extended for a forbidden dance in the last light of a cool summer’s eve. . .

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