The Lychee Martini


Dry Gin infused with Red Chilli for just a touch of heat. Paired with Lychee Liqueur, Lychee Gomme, Lime Juice and Cranberry

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The Bottled Bartender has returned from the Mystical East, bearing most exotic fruit in the beautiful rose-coloured guise of the Lychee Martini, a superbly sweet affair that delicately balances Lychee Liqueur with chilli-infused Bombay Sapphire. Such a wondrous decoction fills any parlour room with more than a touch of mystery and Romance, capital “R”. These bottled marvels are best enjoyed in a gondola filled with rose petals while skirting the shores of Xanadu – or, alternatively, just sat in a chair (though, to be fair, standing up works well too). At any occasion, the mere mention of the “Lychee Martini” is sure to delight, amaze and make people say, “Ooooh”.


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