The Paper Plane


Equal parts Bourbon Whiskey, Amaro, Aperol and Fresh Lemon Juice

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Welcome to the pilot’s lounge! With this drink, it’s time to “fly like paper, get high like planes”as M.I.A. (whose song the cocktail is named after) puts it. The Paper Plane is a whiskey drinker’s dream, bitter-sweet with a touch of zest. This is whiskey in a bespoke three-piece, sunset-red and sophisticated as hell. Bourbon Whiskey, to be precise,topped with Montenegro Amaro, decked with Aperol and fresh lemon to finish. To be sure, a classy number to delight one’s guests at the nightly cocktail hour, midday refresher, or morning pick-me-up. And, while we’re at it, yes, you should go listen to that song right away, it’s a banger.

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