The Netflix & Chill Pack


A pack of six cocktails for you and Bae to enjoy in-front of the box:

  • Pornstar Martini (2)
  • Espresso Martini (2)
  • Strawberry Daiquiri (2)


If your date night ideas mostly revolve around asking your partner to wear the socks without the holes in, it?s?time to jazz?things?up a little. Here are six cocktails for you?and?your?special someone?to enjoy that:

1)?require no effort and;

2)?absolutely will not result in you being?judged?you for your Batman pants.?

The Netflix and Chill pack?is?the perfect liquid side-kick for any binge-watching session. It?s?a?smorgasbord?of tasty treats that?s guaranteed to win the?heart?of your?beau,?and fulfil every?Notebook?romance?scene you?ve ever wished for.*

*Failure to deliver on false promises will not result in compensation.??

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