If you're an events company, enjoy the perks of speedy service, less stuff to carry around and fewer staff overheads

We’ve got perks. Our cocktails allow you to say yes to clients who want cocktails at events that were never before possible. 

Cocktails for Events

A bolting horse pulling a man on an old fashioned cart to represent The Bottled Bartender's speed of service when compared to traditional events bars.

Fewer Staff

You can serve cocktails faster than you can tie a double windsor, not to mention you don’t need specialist mixologists anymore. We’ve just cut your staffing bill in half. cha-ching.

A man in an old fashioned flying contraption representing The Bottled Bartender's logistically advantageous pre-mixed cocktails for events and weddings and parties.


Shake, unscrew, straw. Next guest please.

Our bar quality cocktails take seconds to serve, meaning no more frustrated customers or 8 minute old fashioned’s.

Monkeys and a llama wearing suits to represent The Bottled Bartender's speciality cocktail team.

Logistically Light

No more complicated inventory lists, bags of ice, multiple sets of bar equipment or glassware to take care of. Cocktails arrive where you want them to without the need for a LWB van. 

We operate a minimum order of 3 cocktails