Our Ingredients

A focus on real ingredients, home made syrups & gommes, a knowledge of the craft and top quality spirits set us apart

Everything seems to be called "premium" these days, even if the claim is dubious! I'm a big believer in transparency, so here is a peek behind the curtain at what premium means over at BB HQ


A key component of great cocktails is fresh citrus juice. Many lemons and limes have met their demise at the hands of Trunchbull, our juicer. We source our Persian limes from a greengrocer called John before squeezing them moments before they’re batched into whatever concoction our patrons demand of us

Syrups and gommes

We could buy flavoured gommes, but have you ever seen a bartender put  E621 monosodium glutamate in your mojito!? We say baloney to that nonsense, instead choosing to make our gommes in house. It’s considerably more effort and passionfruit seeds get everywhere, but the difference is dramatic. Here we have a passionfruit syrup for our Pornstar Martinis and a mint gomme for our Mojitos being simmered down.

Spirit Infusions

This is where the magic happens. There are a couple of ways of making ready to drink cocktails, but we lay down a challenge for you to find another company that goes to these extremes. You could wack some strawberry puree into a bottle with a bit of rum and call it a day, but the result is a smoothie consistency and a rum that has no punch, and by jove we want a rum that punches!

Instead, we infuse base spirits for varying lengths of time. all of our fresh produce comes from John at Evans Clark, locally sourced and leagues ahead of the supermarkets. We then prep it in the morning, and depending on what we’re making, leave it for up to 48 hours.

Our lychee martini gets it’s kick from a red chilli infusion, while our strawberry daiquiri takes all of its flavour from fresh British (where possible) strawberries. Mojito’s not only get a freshly-made mint gomme, but a careful infusion of hand picked mint.

fall in love with our cocktails

Top notch ingredients

Persian limes, Kenyan passionfruits, British mint, Columbian coffee. Great cocktails start with great foundations


No purees, artificial flavours or colours. The most labour intensive way to do it, but necessary for the best cocktails possible

Made by those in the know

Batched by those with extensive knowledge of cocktails and mixology. We're so confident on our drinks we even put our name on them

No Junk!

No artifical additives, preservatives or flavours

Branded spirits

No generic swill! We use respectable premium brands in all of our drinks

Big servings!

Almost all of our cocktails are 10-20% larger than a typical bar serve, coming in at 175ml. Book a taxi.

Thirsty yet?

We operate a minimum order of 3 cocktails