How to Have a Virtual Cocktail Party

"You’ll be the toast of the digital town"

Virtual Etiquette

The roaring twenties are here again, and so too is cocktail vogue. Indeed, hosting a virtual cocktail party is suddenly all the rage. Not only is the virtual cocktail party the peak of fashion, it’s also the height of intelligence – allowing you to flaunt your stuff while maintaining a safe social distance. Indeed, the VCP is thinking outside of the box that people outside the box think inside of; it’s a scene you want to be a part of. Accordingly, the Bottled Bartender is here to provide you with all the essential savoir faire you need to pull off your very own digital shindig.

Location, Location, Location

Pick the meeting platform (ideally, all guests will be on the same one). Determine a backdrop. We recommend a 1920s speakeasy look or manor house drawing room, ensuring that your soiree evokes appropriate levels of elegance and distinction. Alternatively, an Ayia Napa foam party backdrop will do the trick. You’ll be the toast of the digital town. 

Dress Code

Traditionally, one would sport a cocktail dress or three-piece suit depending. However, the it is currently the virtual trend to be clad only from the waste up (i.e. what is visible on a webcam). This is not to say waste-down attire is a faux pas. Rather, it is to highlight the fashion power move of the moment. 

Delivered to your door

Let us be your Virtual Bartender

Box set of classic cocktails, including the Negroni, the Cosmopolitan, the Manhattan, the Margarita.
We operate a minimum order of 4 cocktails