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Answers to some of our most common questions


All of our packages are shipped with next day delivery. Currently, we dispatch on a Tuesday and Wednesday for delivery on Wednesday or Thursday. Delivery is charged at a flat rate of £4.99 for orders under £35. 

We can absolutely ship to multiple addresses. If you have a large number individual consignments to ship, we can provide you with a unique code that allows your (virtual) guests to order through our website and we can invoice you, the (virtual) host directly. Codes can be limited to number of items or expense so you control the spending.

Sure thing! as long as it fits, we’ll ship it. We ask customers to select the snacks in advance, we don’t like being responsible for food, there’s no alcohol in it! 

We can ship to these locations, but it is on a 48 hour service. We have to be a little more thorough with the packaging, often putting our boxes inside boxes. It’s not pretty but necessary to ensure they arrive in pristine condition

We don’t recommend shipping abroad. It’s expensive. But, if you’re throwing the party of a lifetime we can do it, please email us first and we’ll quote depending on destination and order volume

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Each parcel has an ice pack in it because our drinks are temperature sensitive. It is packed with silica gel. It doesn’t look appealing. Yes, we’ve had reports of one being eaten. Please DO NOT eat the ice pack. 

Free shipping is available on orders over £35. Please select the ‘free shipping’ option that will appear on the checkout if your basket value is over £35.

Unfortunately, our cocktails are perishable so please ensure you’re available for delivery. DHL & Royal Mail will either send an email or a text with a delivery window. Unfortunately, we can’t be held responsible for missed deliveries and refunds won’t be issued.

Our boxes are designed to be as robust as possible and protect their precious cargo. Occasionally this isn’t enough and breakages happen. Please, get in touch if either of our courier partners has been a little heavy handed

Fear not! 99% of the time this is just condensation. Before each package leaves our place they spend a little time in a blast freezer to keep our drinks tasting tasty after transit. 

Serving & Storing

Here’s how to get the best results…

  1. If serving within the next 48 hours, turn your fridge thermostat to 5 and place the drinks in there. Serve straight from the fridge with a paper straw (optional!)
  2. If serving later than 72 hours, store in the freezer and then follow step 1. Transfer your drinks to the fridge about 24 hours before service
  3. Try not to serve partly frozen, even if they do taste like the most amazing slushie you’ve ever had

We’d recommend no longer than 3-5 days in the fridge. Ensure you turn the Fridge thermostat down to 5. Remember, our cocktails are genuinely fresh, so treat them like any other perishable.

You can also store your drinks in the freezer for 3 months

Not unless you want to 🙂 We’ve designed our offering to be as convenient as possible, only requiring chilling


If you’d like to send out gifts to multiple addresses (hello wedding favours!) we can provide you with a template order form to complete, saving you the hassle of multiple website orders

You’re welcome to call us on 0203 488 5615 if you’d like to chat to a real human. We’d be happy to take your order over the phone. 

You’ll receive an automated email confirmation once your order has been placed. Please, check the details as we cannot be held liable for incorrect delivery information.

If your order hasn’t yet been dispatched, you’ll be able to amend your order by either accessing ‘Your Orders’ at the top of the page, or contacting us on 0203 488 5615 

Fear not! We try to do our best to manage inventory, but every now and then we run out of Booze! As we batch cocktails every weekend, it’s likely you’ll still receive everything you desire

Nothings ever really out of stock with us as we make cocktails in house. But, it’s likely our master batcher has taken a holiday and we’ve unfortunately sold all of that drink. HOWEVER, it will be replenished, often within a week or less, so check back!

4 cocktails please 🙂

Our website isn’t that smart, so please select ‘Free Shipping’ which will be available if your order exceeds £35

If you wish to send gift cards to multiple email addresses; enter each email and separate with a comma (,)

When selecting a quantity, select if you want to send 1 gift card to each email address.

So, if you want to send a gift card to 10 recipients, enter 10 email addresses and select a quantity of 1. Each email will receive 1 gift card individually.

You can specify your preferred delivery date in the order notes at checkout, allowing for some seriously forward-thinking drinking!


All of the time! About 50% of our business is corporate, including particular events, staff gifting and virtual parties

We’re asked on occasion to provide fewer cocktails per consignment than our minimum order quantity (4)

This can be done, but please note P&P will be increased from our flat rate of £4.99. Each parcel we send out has certain fixed overheads (picking & packing, the box, the ice pack and we subsidise the shipping rate we are given by the courier) 

Discounts can be discussed where the number of bottles matches or exceeds our minimum order quantity (4)

We cannot offer discounts where the number of bottles is fewer than 4, regardless of the number of consignments being sent out. This is because each parcel has fixed costs and we use the margin from the cocktails to cover this.

We’ve done everything from custom labels to custom boxes depending on a clients needs. A certain MOQ has to be achieved before this is viable for both parties, but its well within the realms of possibilities!

Our preferred method (and the easiest for the organiser) is to provide a unique code where your colleagues can order through the website. This means we capture the correct order details and you can sit back sipping a Mai Tai while not having to create and Excel monster. With the unique code, you can control the spend, expiry date, product restrictions, number of redemptions… in fact, pretty much everything!

The code will Zero the basket and shipping, meaning we won’t collect any card details. Once we know the total number of redemptions, we’ll send you an invoice that reflects only what has been ordered

We operate a minimum order of 3 cocktails