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Answers to some of our most common questions

All of our packages are shipped with next day delivery. Currently, we dispatch on a Thursday for delivery on a Friday. Delivery is charged at a flat rate of £4.99.

For more detailed information about deliver, check our delivery and returns page, here.

This is super important, so listen up.

  1. If serving within the next 48 hours, turn your fridge thermostat to 5 and place the drinks in there. Serve straight from the fridge with a paper straw
  2. If serving later than 48 hours, store in the freezer and then follow step 1. Transfer your drinks to the fridge about 24 hours before service
  3. Try not to serve partly frozen, even if they do taste like the most amazing slushie you’ve ever had

We’d recommend no longer than 3-5 days in the fridge. Ensure you turn the Fridge thermostat down to 5. Remember, our cocktails are genuinely fresh, so treat them like any other perishable.

You can also store your drinks in the freezer for 3 months

We can absolutely ship to multiple addresses. If you have a large number individual consignments to ship, we can provide you with a unique code that allows your (virtual) guests to order through our website and we can invoice you, the (virtual) host directly. Codes can be limited to number of items or expense so you control the spending.

Sure thing! as long as it fits, we’ll ship it. We ask customers to select the snacks in advance, we don’t like being responsible for food, there’s no alcohol in it! 

We can do, but certain considerations have to be taken into account as our products are perishable if not handled correctly.

Firstly, our drinks are not ambient store. To make cocktails ambient store requires pasteurisation and/or the use of additives and preservatives which is not part of our brand ethos. Citrus juice in particular is a mighty fickle fellow. However, inventory can be held in a freezer, so it just requires a little more stock management. This is the trade off between a premium cocktail and a more traditionally manufactured product

Absolutely. No questions asked. This is our bread and butter: serving events where traditionally serving cocktails would be a nuisance. So, If you require drinks for a wedding, cocktail party, festival or just…anything. we’re your guys.

You certainly can. Email us your requirements. There will be additional costs incurred and a lead time. But, we’ve done it before and we’ll do it again.

Darn tootin’ we can. If you have a particular cocktail you’d like rustled up, we’re your guys. We’ll need to have a chit-chat around the labels and what you’d like them to say. Minimum order is 50.

We certainly can! We’ve shipped up to 350 individual consignments for corporate customers on a single day, maybe you can be the one to beat that record?

They require a little more planning, so drop us a message on our contact page