How to Make a Strawberry Daiquiri

Muddle those strawberries like you mean it

Strawberry Daiquiri recipe. Muddle fresh strawberries in a Boston shaker and shake with ice, Havana 3 Year rum, lime juice and gomme. Serve in a coupe with a strawberry garnish.

The Strawberry Daiquiri

The Daiquiri originates in turn-of-the-century Cuba, where locals were wont to mix rum with all kinds of fruity beverages. Strawberries were just crying out for the same treatment.    

Serve in a martini glass or coupette

Equipment you'll need

Boston Shaker

A two piece shaker consisting of one stainless steel can and a robust glass. The Boston allows enough capacity to aerate the drink

Fine Strainer

The fine strainer removes fine ice shards and other impurities that may influence the quality of the drink

Ice Tongs (optional)

Be hygienic!

Hawthorn Strainer

Place on the top of the Boston Shaker to remove large objects such as ice cubes

Measuring Jigger

Ideally, a jigger should have a 25ml and 50ml measuring cup

Pour Spouts (optional)

Place in the top of your spirit bottles to ensure an even and clean pour


  • 60ml Light Rum
  • 7 Fresh strawberries
  • 15ml Lime juice 
  • 10ml Gomme
  • Cubed Ice


First muddle the strawberries in the base of the Boston Shaker. Now add the other ingredients. Fill the glass with cubed ice.

Place the tin over the top and gently pat with your hand to form a tight seal. Shake hard for 10 seconds


Split your Boston tin and place the Hawthorn strainer on top of the steel can. Pour through the Fine strainer into a martini glass and garnish with strawberry slice.


Serve in a 6 ounce martini or coupette glass

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