How to Make a MOJITO

Lost of fresh mint for maximum zing

Mojito recipe. Made with light rum, lime juice, gomme and fresh mint leaves. Served in a collins glass with crushed ice and garnished with fresh mint frongs and lime wedges.

The Mojito

While the origins of the Mojito are shrouded in mystery, it came of age in 1930s Cuba. Hemingway loved it, as did Brigitte Bardot – so it gets our full approval!

Serve in a collins glass

Equipment you'll need

Bar Spoon

The Bar spoon's long stem lets you get to the base of the glass for a thorough mix

Ice Tongs (optional)

Be hygienic!

Measuring Jigger

Ideally, a jigger should have a 25ml and 50ml measuring cup

Pour Spouts (optional)

Place in the top of your spirit bottles to ensure an even and clean pour


  • 50ml Rum
  • 13mm Gomme
  • 15ml Lime Juice
  • 4 Mint Sprigs
  • Crushed Ice
  • Lemon/Lime slice


Fill your collins glass two thirds of the way with crushed ice. Add the mint, rum, lime juice and gomme. Churn with the spoon. Add more ice to the brim. 


Serve in the glass, garnished with mint sprigs and a slice of lemon or lime


Serve in a collins glass

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