Cocktail ideas for your wedding

Just because the standards are sky-high high doesn’t mean the bill has to be . . .

The Perfect Wedding mix

Amazing and terrifying at the same time, weddings are high-stakes business indeed. Everybody wants their Big Day to go with a bang, not a whimper, and that means going BIG. Still, just because the standards are sky-high high doesn’t mean the bill has to be too.

The Bottled Bartender is the perfect solution for couples who want to break the mould and not the bank. Our ready-to-drink cocktails offer a premium experience at a fraction of the cost. Our drinks are 100% authentic (true to the original recipes in every single way). They taste exactly the same as a cocktail mixed in a fancy bar because they are exactly the same. And they are hand-mixed, to order, by us.

When we say “a fraction of the cost”, we mean it. Our cocktails don’t just put smiles on your guests’ faces. They keep money in your pocket. Because Bottled Bartender drinks come pre-mixed and ready to rock, you don’t need to hire a specialist bar, trained mixologists, fancy glasswear and expensive inventory. This saves you a bundle (money better spent on a longer honeymoon, we think!).

Our cocktails have been a smash hit at weddings, exactly because they make life so much easier. These bottled bad-boys get toes-tapping (and can be niftily kept in one’s hand during most wedding jigs). They’re far easier to serve/clear away than alternatives, and they look flippin’ great (positively Instagrammable)! They’re hassle free, letting you focus on having the best day of your life. Maximum deliciousness and minimum stress.

Delivered to your door

Let us take care of your Special Day

We operate a minimum order of 4 cocktails