Cocktail ideas for halloween

Time to get "sheet faced" (dressed up as a ghost) and stock up on "Boos". . .

The Perfect Halloween Potables

Halloween is around the corner, and that means it’s time to stock up on “Boos”! And booze. Both are essential ingredients to any super spooky celebration (Covens, Black Masses, etc). We would always recommend a nice blood red hue to any potable served at the witching hour. Toxic green is also welcome but tends (who knows why) to be less associated with delicious beverages. A good lymph decoction is our drink of choice.

Grisly Garnishes

Garnishes also allow for Halloween cackles. A lychee embedded with a blueberry and dotted with red food colouring looks remarkably like a blood-shot human eyeball: spike it with a cocktail stick and you’ve a truly grisly garnish which happens to taste delicious. Similarly tricky treats come in the form of strawberry red syrup which can be oozed down the side of the glass for bloody effect. Dry ice (if you can get it) creates a very spectral scene, enshrouding your cocktails in mystery – and mist! Of course, pumpkin garnish is an easy accompaniment (and makes use of all that pumpkin lying about), while liquorish insects go very well as (a surprise) garnish in any guest’s Daiquiri!  

We operate a minimum order of 4 cocktails