Cocktail ideas for your 40th birthday

"Nothing says confidence more than drinking cocktails all day long"

Forty is Fabulous

Looking for 40th birthday ideas? The Bottled Bartender has you covered, with our selection of distinguished and premium, yet razzle-dazle premix cocktails – specially crafted to lend a touch of class to the big day. Yes, you’ll have to blow out a few extra candles, but you’ll be doing it while sipping a Negroni and looking like a boss! This is a time to embrace your years, get rid of inhibitions, and go all-out “YOU”. As a forty year-old (and therefore a card-carrying grown-up) nobody can tell you what to do – or that what you are doing isn’t right. Own it. Look forty in the eye with confidence. And nothing says confidence more than drinking cocktails all day long. And, yes, we would say that; but, then, it also happens to be perfectly true.

Forty is, after all, an age best served with swagger

Delivered to your door

Kick back, relax, let us cover it.

Box set of classic cocktails, including the Negroni, the Cosmopolitan, the Manhattan, the Margarita.
We operate a minimum order of 4 cocktails