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About The Bottled Bartender

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Like every great idea involving alcohol, ours began with a mischievous smile and a twinkle in the eye – Nick’s eye specifically. He was sat at home with no cocktail in his hand. Then he thought: what if there was a cocktail in my hand? The muse had visited. He was on to something, something special. Bar quality cocktails – delivered directly to your door!  

So was born the Bottled Bartender, a virtual bar that hand mixes premium drinks and drops them to you. To pull of this audacious and delicious feat, Nick assembled a crack team with expert knowledge (both professional and recreational) of the product. With Chris, Jack and Lee now on board, the engines were humming. We were ready to quench the nation’s thirst.

We love cocktails. We wanted to make the best ready to drink cocktails the world had ever seen. Nothing too pricey or exclusive, just proper drinks with proper ingredients. Our entire focus is on providing you lovely people with exceptional quality cocktails and no BS.

Monkey's wearing suits to represent The Bottled Bartender's cocktail team.

Our Team

No man, or woman, is an island. Nick knew that TBB would only succeed if the talent behind it was strong. So, he made some friends 

Headshot of Nick Lewis, Director of Operations at The Bottled Bartender.

Nick Lewis

Operations | Founder

Nick spent most of his 20’s shaking drinks at events ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, before consulting, training and implementing for bars. He’s only learnt one thing in all this time, no one pays any attention to the phrase ‘drink responsibly’.

Lee Marriott, Financial Director of The Bottled Bartender headshot.

Lee Marriott


Lee is our first real investor. Former FD of a couple of PepsiCo subsidiaries, he knows a thing or two about a thing or two. Internally, Lee ‘Abacus’ Marriot ensures our numbers are legit and chris isn’t spending too much on leather jackets.

Headshot for Jack Dennis of The Bottled Bartender against a white background.

Jack Dennis


Jack has dedicated his professional life to mastering lens media, having spent over fifteen years working with still and moving images. He has worked (behind the camera) on numerous film and television productions, clocking up an impressive list of credits. Now he’s bringing his lens-telligence to the Bottled Bartender team, helping us to spread the word!

Chris Murnaghan of The Bottled Bartender sitting in a cocktail bar with a laptop.

Chris Murnaghan


Chris has a wealth of experience producing marketing materials of every kind. This has allowed him to develop and refine his powers. But things really went next level when he finally joined The Bottled Bartender. It was a product he loved, a brand he adored. Lightning started to crackle at his fingertips, light beams shot out of his eyes. He had joined the perfect company.

Customers reviews

Word on the street.

The cocktails were awesome!! All gone in a short moment and much enjoyed!! Everything perfect. Thank you so much.
Wedding, 2017
Hey Nick, all good! They loved them! All drank within about an hour. I did tell the client to order more haha but yea fab thank you. Will def recommend them again to my clients.
Harri | Fosters Catering
Wedding, 2018